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AutoCAD now supports customizable comment fields, making it easier for customers to provide feedback on drawing changes.You can now apply “variables” to selected objects for specific drawing purposes, allowing for efficient and effective workflows.Added initial support for publishing WebGL files and exporting to the WebGL format. WebGL is an HTML5-based 3D display technology.Support for exporting to the WebGL format. WebGL is an HTML5-based 3D display technology. Support for LTC Formats. You can now import and export files created with the LTC Drawing Format, a drawing specification format developed by the SolidWorks community.The F2 command has been improved to allow you to upload custom search phrases to search for a file or folder.CADWISE Workbench:New Design Environment tools. Fade Tool will fade selected objects, for quick creation of solid, filled shapes. Face Painter will automatically paint faces of selected objects. Shift+Bones will offset the top of selected objects. Shift+Divide will divide selected objects. Shift+Rotate will rotate selected objects. Shift+Stroke will create a dashed line or dotted line of selected objects. Shift+Transparent will remove the transparency of selected objects.Use the New Characteristics menu to find out if a particular object is a dynamic, animated, shadow, and materials object. You can also view all of the new Characteristics and type an object’s name into the Object Information dialog box.Use the Edit Appearance dialog box to control the appearance of selected objects, including the new Appearance tab. The new Create Shapes From text box allows you to quickly create a shape from a text string. The new Create Shapes From Import File option imports an XML file from a file on your computer.The Analyze command has been enhanced to be more effective for reporting on an assembly. Analyze supports an expanded number of report topics, a new Filter Object command to specify objects for analysis, and a new Filter View command to change the view during an analysis session.Improved Performance in the 2019 release of the Design Center has been enhanced. There are fewer false clicks and the dialog boxes do not require as much data entry.Designed for both AutoCAD® 2019 and AutoCAD® 2023.Autodesk® Revit® 2018.3: 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [April-2022]

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