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Nirvana Merch A 1994 NFT featuring the artwork from the band's hit album In Utero features an all-over heart stencil motif, as well as a colossal front and back graphic. The artwork was designed by Robert Fisher, who juxtaposed backlit lilies with a foil-wrapped heart-shaped box and scanned-in heart beads. The shirt has remained in high demand for its striking visuals, and collectors' value is increasing.

Incesticide promotional shirt

During their major label phase, Nirvana released a number of promo t-shirts to promote their singles. These shirts featured an anatomical model illustration on the front and the word "SLIVER" across the back. The art, which was not associated with the band, has increased in value. Here are some examples. You can also find a copy of the artwork on the Nirvana Incesticide promotional t-shirt on eBay.

The design of the shirt was inspired by the artwork of the band. The band's moniker was based on the image of the group's band members, which is often a seahorse. The shirt is available in many different colors. The shirt can be found in all sizes, and comes in black, blue, and red. The artwork is quite unique. Many collectors find the Nirvana Incesticide promotional t-shirt to be highly sought


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